Hi. I'm Jason...

I'm Jason Lindstrum, owner and talent behind Fuse Creative. Born after 10 years of hard labor in the agency world. The idea was simple: take my one man show on the road, cut out the middle man, start my own gig and give my clients the personal touch they deserve.

I offer a wide range of design services as shown in the work section. I have the capability to satisfy your individual needs at rates you can feel good about. I would be happy to provide a quote on any project you need help with. Just give me a call, or drop me an email, and I'll be in touch.

Skeptical about using a freelancer? Here are some of the benefits:

Body Wave Gone Wrong

What Can a Freelance Designer Do For You

Make it pretty.1
It’s a statement that most graphic designers hate to hear. As a group we get sick of feeling like design is just decoration. If you work with a highly qualified, experienced and well-rounded designer, you should expect so much more.

Designers don’t just make things look pretty, they do the following:

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